Project Decorum has developed a Proof of Concept that is able to run on the current SAFE Network test net. Although the feature set is limited, it demonstrates the viability of the core protocol of Project Decorum.

Connect to the SAFE Network
To experience the Proof of Concept yourself, you should make sure you are able to connect and log in to the SAFE Network. Instructions to do so can be found here.

Visit the Proof of Concept web app
After logging in, you can simply click the following link, after which your running SAFE Launcher will prompt a request for permission. Note: JavaScript has to be allowed!



  • Create custom forum categories
  • Post new topics and replies
  • Collapse/expand topic branches
  • Automatic checks for new topics or replies
  • Identities use cryptography to sign their content
  • Option to create identity if none present
  • Sanitisation of all user input (security)

Limitations and known issues
The SAFE Network currently lacks a proper API for dynamic data. As a temporary workaround, the Proof of Concept makes unintended use of the SAFE Network DNS system. This means that a new public ID is registered for your account for every new post you make. A known issue with this approach is that after many posts (well over a hundred), the SAFE Launcher may bug out, preventing further activity with that account. Since the data for the current test net will be wiped, this is not a big problem, but be aware nonetheless.

In general, the Proof of Concept is a result of quick-and-dirty programming, and is thus currently prone to bugs, unintended functioning and scalability/optimization issues. It is not at all representative for the quality of future deliverables of Project Decorum.

This and the fact that the SAFE Network is still in a testing phase, means that you should have NO expectation of privacy or security whatsoever! Project Decorum is not responsible for the potential consequences, so use at your own risk!