Conversations in social media often need to be moderated to get rid of spam and inappropriate content. Since on the SAFE Network all users are in control of their own data, moderation cannot be forced on to anyone. Rather than being an iron fist, Project Decorum envisions moderation as a service instead.

Moderation as a service
In principle, everyone is their own moderator through the use of personal ignore lists. Particular posts or users can be put on such an ignore list. It is also possible to subscribe to one or more ignore lists of other people. This allows for dedicated and widely accepted moderators to naturally rise up in their respective communities. Active people with sound judgement will be subscribed to as moderators by many. These people can also collaborate to form a moderator team, and possibly accept donations or even charge for their moderation services. Multiple teams with different rules can be active in the same community if there is demand for that.

If moderators start abusing their power, people can of course simply unsubscribe from their moderation lists.