What SAFE community members and developers said about Project Decorum

Here lies a potential game changer for the SAFE network and projects that run on it.
— David Irvine, MaidSafe CEO, concerning Decorum's innovation on SAFE alt-coins
This is very exciting, thank you. Can’t wait to hear more and help you build this.
— happybeing, SAFE Network forum moderator and founder of SAFEPress
After playing with this at the “down and dirty” phase and seeing where it’s going, I know that both members of the SAFE Network forum, and most other forums in the world, will be drooling to have the SAFE Network up and functioning, and Decorum protocol in use. When you have a lot of people coming together under current models, regardless of the best intentions of all, it’s hard to strike the balance for all parties and avoid very real friction, because there’s too much win-lose built into the technological structure. SAFE and Decorum are going to change how people interact in ways that are hard to imagine.
— John Ferguson, the host of SAFE Crossroads podcast
Not only are you brilliant but you show a great willingness to listen and adapt to the needs of many in the forum. Wisdom well beyond your years.
— Paul Dalton, community member